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two things:

1) boys in Rome wear tight pants. so far, i have seen some with balls, and some without. ;) there's a lot of hot ones though, so i recommend Rome for hookups. also, they ride motorcycles and wear leather a lot. mwahahahaha... and all the girls are really hot too. excellent fashion sense. i can honestly say that i have not seen a single unnattractive person here. except one boy, but he was a British tourist.

2) this is a conversation i had with David a week or two ago. not entirely accurate, because i'm doing this from memory. the whole thing was after a long conversation about our preferences in clothes, sexual orientation, and more stuff like that. this is how it ended.

David: i like sitting like a girl better. it's just better.

Me: well obviously. although i must admit, i prefer sitting like a boy. it's more comfortable.

David: well, it's clear who wears the pants in THIS relationship.

Me: *long stare at his very obvious pants*

David: well, it's clear who has the balls anyway.

Me: *still longer stare*

David: (blushing) you know what i mean dammit!

Me: *giggle giggle chuckle snerk*

i thought it was appropriate for this most amazing and ballsy community. ;)

(btw, i saw a statue today, in a ruin, and it's penis had fallen off, or been broken off, and my dad walked by and said, "what a nice stat... oh poor guy, his pecker fell off!" and i thought it was amazing. check plus for my dad!)

i love you all!
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yes... that's my dad for ya. XD
Inspired by this, I think we should start a list of all the good alternative words for penis, because that's such a silly one:
pecker & shlong are up there, i think.
shlong is definitely a good one. i have to say member, just because it's so awkward and weird sounding. XD