Sunny (sunny_rosa) wrote in gabwob,

summer balls

hello my beautiful gabwob ladies! i had a pretty manly summer and i think i went up a couple of ball sizes, so i thought you should know.

in addition ot balls, i would like to draw attention to another manly feature that men often lack, namely beards. a beard is an essential fashion accessory, and also proclaims with triumph the raging testosterone at one's disposal. men with small balls would like to grow big beards to compensate, but they can't. therefore, the size of a man's beard and his ability to grow it are good gauges of how many and what size balls he has.

in women, beards are unrelated to ball size.

related to both of the above, i had encounters with two men this summer. one of them is negligible. his balls were unexciting and rather weak. also, his beard was, although a valiant attempt, quite scruffy.

the other has a thick and flourishing beard and also balls of banjo steel. his name is will and i like him very much. i hope that once he returns from star at the end of october our encounter can continue unabated. we didn't really talk at the end of the summer about whether we would continue off-island, but i am hopeful. he is 24 and plays banjo and guitar. he also knows how to use a toilet auger, how to sweat copper, and he can fix anything. he attempted to grow his beard large enough to hide a cashew in for later, but the cashew kept falling out because his beard is very straight.
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