Sunny (sunny_rosa) wrote in gabwob,

some stuff and lots of love

han solo has balls. you should make one with han solo.

also, john keats has balls. depressed brilliant writer balls.

have i told you my new goal in life is to become john keats? (preferably without the tuberculosis and early death...)

i'm so glad gabwob is back! let's keep it going, cause i miss it!

i have mad organizer balls right now. i more or less singlehandedly organized 20 people into a potential themed dorm thingy for next year. now i just hope the application gets accepted!

kate, that sucks! it doesn't sound like she's happy with him though... maybe you should help her realize that? if you still want ot be with her anyway...

nina, come visit me! or... expect me, in pirate garb, on may first. :) and if you come on may eighth for the circus show you will get ot meet my boy. also, are you sure you want to break it off with kartik? or do you just need ot talk it out with him?

my french literature teacher has balls. cute little middle-aged librarian, wrote a book on medieval torture, writing a book on courtly love, stutters and speaks six languages balls. i have such a girl-crush on her... i pretty much want ot be her when i grow up.
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